Feed The Review: Hidden Figures

Written by Hannah and Kayla

Hidden Figures is an outstanding movie that is based off of a true story set in the early 1960’s. It shows the life of three women working as computers for NASA. They go through their lives with their heads down until they were given the chance to be more. The women, Katherine played by Taraji Henson, Dorothy (Octavia Spencer), and Mary (Janelle Monae) go further than any African American women had in their time. Each one did what they did best and proved themselves to all of those around them.

Hannah- Hidden Figures was definitely one of the best movies I’ve seen recently. The acting in this movie was amazing, and truly showed how different people were treated in the 60’s. This movie made you feel just about every emotion there is. Angry because of how these women were treated, sad when something didn’t go quite right, and happy when the women all got what they wanted. I’m not even going to lie, I cried both happy and sad tears throughout the movie. If I had to pick a favorite character, it would probably be Mary. To me her story was the most significant, as she did a little more to push for what she wanted. She wasn’t afraid to show her true colors and be a little witty and sarcastic. Alongside of the previous statement(s), I did have a favorite scene. My favorite scene was Mary’s court scene. In order for Mary to even be considered for the job she wanted, she had to have special classes, which were only offered at a whites only school. Mary took this to the courthouse, and her case to the judge was about firsts, like how the judge was the first person in his family to go to college. Mary made the point that in order for other women like her to do anything, she had to be the first one. Mary won her case and got to go to class. This historically accurate film was very inspiring for women of all colors. Hidden Figures proves that women can do anything just as well, or sometimes even better than men.

Kayla- This movie is one of my all time favorite historical movies. It shows true courage, bravery, skill, and is good for a nice laugh. The actors were the perfect match for their roles and made the audience feel their emotions. They brought us along to another time to see how life was for the characters. To be honest there were a few tears shed, both happy and sad. It was just that amazing. Every moment was a joyride for my emotions that I shared with the rest of the audience. If I had to pick a favorite character I don’t think that I could, but maybe a favorite scene or two. Overall the whole movie was great, but the best parts were when the women stood up for what they wanted. Eventually they each got it making me feel like I could do anything I wanted to. They would just go to the front of the room and show everybody what they could really do leaving them in awe as they stood back. The jokes that everyone made were also great making everyone in the theater laugh. If I had the chance to watch it again I definitely would.

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