Are High school Relationships Necessary? (No)

love-is-yuckWritten By: Georgia Miller

High school relationships are totally unnecessary. Three reasons: money, car, time.

For starters who at our age (9th grade) actually has a job and can buy gifts, take your boo out to eat, and save four those special occasions. While having some saved for yourself. Unless you are begging your parents or you are a Gazillionaire off of you own invention or you are a teenage movie star you most likely don’t have the proper income to do what you need to do to maintain your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Now I have yet another question. Who has a car? Now ii get it do, your parents can drive you. But what happens when they can’t or they won’t. What about the fact that you are on the verge of driving by yourself and they make your significant other sit in the back while you and your parent sit in the front and you’re awkwardly making conversation. YUCK!!!

Time. We are high schoolers. That means homework, test, and quizzes on a day to day basis (yes that includes weekends). What about your friends? They aren’t going to be happy if you put your relationship before your forever friendship. Oh, and don’t forget extracurricular activities. Most of the people in our school do something besides school. Things like sports, music, clubs. What happens when your parent are planning a vacation but you have plans with you person? Will they flip out or will they understand?

Relationships are ridiculous. They take up your time that could be better spent elsewhere. It uses up your money and when you break up you’re gonna hate yourself on wasting the exact amount of money four a bear that you could get with a new hunting rifle. It is a commercialized experience that usually doesn’t last longer than a month, and that’s being generous

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