Are High School Relationships Necessary? (From a Taken Person’s P.O.V)

Written by Hannah Elliott

Relationships. Some people cringe at the thought, while others obsess over them. Some people think that there is no point of dating in high school, but I can give you reasons why a relationship can be the best part of high school.

  • For a start, a partner (is supposed to) give(s) you support. They should be your number one fan and the first person you go to talk to (unless you have to talk about them lol). Most boyfriends/girlfriends know when their partner is not in the best mood, and how to cheer them up.
  • A partner is great for giving advice/ helping you out. They are always there to listen to your rants and to give you honest advice about the situation. Having a partner gives you a sense of security because you always have someone to go to if times get rough.(They also make really good study buddies ;))  
  • The best reason to have a relationship is that you can find your soulmate and/or lifelong partner. Sure, there may be fighting along the way, but there is always the chance of being with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

I know this list is kinda cringy, but it is still true. The right relationship can truly be the best part of the high school experience.

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