Cheap but Meaningful Valentines “Gifts”

Written by Jessica Stuckey and Olivia Apperson

As Valentine’s day is rapidly approaching, the pressure of getting the perfect gift for your loved ones is exhausting. If you are cheap, like us, luckily there are ways that you can give meaningful gifts that won’t burn a hole in your wallet:



  1. Picnic

The experience can be more important than materialistic things. Taking your girl/guy on a picnic would be the perfect cheap Valentine’s date. You won’t have to spend too much money, just enough to buy good food and drinks.


       2. Personalized T-shirts

For only $14 on Etsy, you can make your lover a personalized T-shirt! This would be a really cute gift idea that they would actually use.

        3. Roller Skating


Again, the experience of a Valentine’s Day date is just better. Money can’t buy love! If there is a local roller skating rink, take your guy/girl out for a cute and fun night fun of giggles. Most admissions for roller rinks aren’t very expensive, but the fun you’ll have will be priceless!

       4. Game Night


Taking your loved one out to the local arcade might be a bit more expensive, depending on how many games you play. Although, you can also stay in and play games at your house, just you and your lover. Either way, the night would be one full of laughs and unforgettable memories.

        5. Netflix Date


For a more relaxed, and definitely cheap, date idea, just keep your date indoors. Make a pillow fort, kick back, get some popcorn (maybe some hot chocolate if it’s really cold), cuddle up with them, and put on your favorite movie/show. It wouldn’t cost you a dime and would be a really relaxed but romantic night for the both of you.



     1. Movie Marathon


Totally not stealing the Netflix idea, but having a full fledged genuine movie marathon is a great way to spend Valentine’s day with friends. Whether you watch a bunch of Rom-Coms, or even horror movies, a movie marathon is the way to go!

       2. Flowers and Chocolates


Literally you can buy your friend chocolates and flowers and it be completely platonic. Everyone enjoys the thought of someone doing something for them and chocolates and flowers is totally okay if you can’t think of anything else.

        3.  Go out to Eat with a Group of Friends


This does not have to be fancy. Get a group of friends together, go to McDonald’s, and try to buy everything on the dollar menu. It’s totally cool.

         4. Bake Valentines Theme Cookies


This is pretty self explanatory, but baking is a fun thing to do with your friends. To make it Valentine themed, you can bake heart shaped cookies, or if you’re not into that just make brownies. Those are always good.

           5. Girl day


You and your BFF can give each other manicures, do each other’s hair, play dress up (you do it, you know you do) just anything that you feel like doing honestly.



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