Why People Hate Valentine’s Day

Written By Christina Wynn

Valentine’s Day is pointless, no one needs a day to show their love to a significant other. A couple should be doing that everyday, because Valentine’s Day is just a holiday for couples, that’s it! It’s a day for high school couples to put on social media to brag about what they got, making their single friends jealous. It’s selfish! The couple can go on dates everyday and still make a “holiday” for themselves. Couples have anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmases to give each other presents and celebrate their love for each other.


Teenagers shouldn’t even bother with Valentine’s day because there is a very slim chance it would last a lifetime. Valentine’s Day is a holiday where people are forced to get the significant other a gift or they are considered a “jerk”.


Kids will have a party receiving candy and little cards. While in Middle and High School, you don’t receive anything unless you are in a relationship. This will make teenagers have a relationship until the day after Valentine’s Day just to say they received something.


The guys in a relationship are forced to go all out while they still may be recovering from Christmas. The guys are expected to buy chocolates and jewelry, while the girls aren’t really expected to do anything but receive the gifts. The guys are held to such a high standard which may push them out ot their relationships. It’s not fair to anyone!


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