How to Survive Valentine’s Day Single

Valentine’s Day is finally here. Some people have a girlfriend or boyfriend, but others do not. It’s totally okay to not have a girlfriend or boyfriend, the only difference is that Valentine’s Day can become much more dreadful. Here’s how to survive Valentine’s Day single!


  • Buy chocolate/candy or any sweets that you like to eat. Chocolate/candy has a special effect on people. It makes people happier, and it could do just that on Valentine’s Day!
  • Hang out with your friends! It is a known fact that your friends can cheer you up no matter what.
  • Avoid couples in any way possible. Couples on Valentine’s Day can turn into some kind of PDA fest. It won’t help you any, avoid them!
  • Don’t sit around and watch sappy movies. Watching sappy movies all day by yourself will only make you feel more lonely. Instead watch funny movies, it could take your mind off of it.
  • Treat yourself! Go buy yourself a new outfit, or buy something you just got the money to buy. It will make yourself realize that you don’t need someone else to buy you stuff, you can do it yourself!


Valentine’s Day can be fun alone or with your friends! Just make the best of it!

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