The History of St. Valentine

Written By: Georgia Miller

valentineSo you know that on Valentine’s day we send cards to one another, ask people out, and receive confessions of love. But, do you know how it all started? Well, I happen to know a little something about the subject so get ready for histories, love, and a little bit of tragedy.

St. Valentines was alive around the same time as the ruler of Rome, Claudius. Claudius was the Roman Emperor and was a member of the Julio-Claudian Dynasty. Well during the time that was the ruler, Rome was working on keeping a strong army. He wanted men and boys to join his army to stay an unshakeable, impenetrable force that no other country could break through.

Well, he began to notice how not many of the male citizens of his beautiful Rome were joining his strong army. He saw the problem and knew that to stay on top of the world, he must have it resolved, one way or another. He started to believe that the men were not joining his army because of the strong attachment to their wives and families.Well, as previously stated, he needed to fix this detrimental problem, in doing so he created a holiday but also a tragedy that would never be forgotten.

Claudius decided to ban all engagements and marriages in Rome. With this many people could no longer hope to have a future with their lovers. Thankfully there was a trusted and brave man by the name of Valentine that decided to rebel because all men and women deserved a chance at happiness. Other Claudius gave his consent or not. In turn, he began to perform marriage ceremonies in secret.

Eventually, his actions were made known to the ruling emperor and to no one’s surprise he was not exactly happy about what one of his citizens was doing in secret. He ordered that Valentine was to be put to death. He was found and dragged to prison. All the while he was being beaten and tortured as he was being dragged in the Prefect of Rome. The execution of his punishment was carried out on February 14. The day most of us know one of love, romance, and all things a beautiful red. When in reality it is a day of torture, death, blood, and sorrow.

The holiday is said to have come about from many legends but one of the commonly known ones is because of a legend saying that he left the mailman’s daughter a farewell note, signing it, “From your Valentine.”

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