The History of Abraham Lincoln

abe-lincolnWritten By: Georgia Miller and Olivia Apperson

Abraham Lincoln was born February 12th of 1809 in Hardin County, Kentucky. In 1816 he moved to Indiana then moved again to Illinois in 1830. When Abe was 9 his mom died on October 5, 1818. “He worked as a shopkeeper and a postmaster, Lincoln became involved in local politics as a supporter of the Whig Party, winning election to the Illinois state legislature in 1834.” (
He was engaged in 1840 to Mary Todd and in 1842 they married. She was a woman from a distinguished Kentucky family. She was known as high-spirited and well-educated. Together they had for children: Robert Todd Lincoln, the only one to survive to adulthood, William Wallace Lincoln, who lived to be twelve, Edward Baker Lincoln, who lived to be four, and Tad Lincoln, he lived to be 18.
The Black Hawk War broke out in 1832 between the United States and Native Americans, the volunteers in the area elected Lincoln to be their captain.” ( He was a natural-born leader and the people obviously knew that and had a lot of confidence in it. In 1834 he was elected to Illinois state legislature as a part of the Whig Party. In 1837, he moved to Springfield, Illinois. He then began to for the John T. Stuart law firm. He later joined the Republican party in 1856.
His career as President began on March 4, of 1861. He was often at odds with his advisors, cabinet, and his people. Because of the victory Lincoln, and the union, had at Antietam on September 22 in 1862, he felt confident enough to change the union’s cause for the war from just saving the Union to abolishing slavery. On January 1 of 1863, he did one of the things that he would be remembered for. He recited the Emancipation Proclamation, something that would forever be accounted as his legacy when thinking of Lincoln. It was the turning point in the Civil War. Abraham got to see the completion of all he worked for but didn’t get to live in it but for four days.
Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 15, 1865. He was assassinated by the actor John Wilkes Booth, who was a white supremacist and didn’t agree with Abe’s views. John got word that the president would be at Ford’s Theatre to view the play “Our American Cousin” and that is when Booth planned his assassination.
Booth being the actor that he was, knew the theater very well. He made his way to the balcony where the president sat and put a pistol to his head and pulled the trigger, shooting the president.
Booth jumped off the balcony, breaking his leg and made a run through the back door where a carriage waited for him and by the time anyone noticed the president had been shot. Booth was gone.

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