How to Get Over the Fact That You’re Still Single

Written by Savion Williams


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and guess what, you’re still single. No problem, you have a record of being single on this day of expressing love for that special individual. Brace yourself, it may be tough getting through this holiday alone, but no worries, I got you. With this handy dandy list, you’ll survive Valentine’s Day easy.

1. Do Not Sit in the Dark!

Your confidence and overall mood with take a direct hit if you’re sitting in the dark of indoors. As a matter of fact, go do something for yourself outside – go to the mall and treat yourself. If you have any work or projects to complete from school, try going over to a friend’s house or a public place such as a coffee shop to be more interactive with others. Try to avoid a room with closed curtains at all costs, you’ll eventually become a little depressed and pessimistic.

2. Think About How Hard Relationships Are

You know, being single can’t be a bad thing after all! Relationships are very tough and demanding to keep under control. For example, relationships that some of my friends are in, they are constantly talking to their partners, completely ignoring their friendships. It just seems that time is being wasted focusing on one person when you can have many close friends. Why invest so many hours, days, weeks into one person that you might not even end up together with. I would like to say this is specifically for high school dates and less so adults.

3. Never Idealize Others Relationships

The next step is to forget that not everyone’s relationship is as happy as it may seem. You should be excited to look forward to a fresh and stress free life of being single. However, you shouldn’t look down on others who do have a successful relationship – you’ll eventually have yours, be happy for someone that finds their soulmate. If you are interested in a relationship, think, “Wow, they look happy together, I can’t wait for it to be my time” to quickly advert the sad thought to an optimistic one. Just know that being single isn’t a disease you need to get rid of, and it doesn’t make you inferior to those who do have a relationship!

4. Acknowledge Your High Standards

So what, you have high standards, it’s completely normal. This is actually a great thing because you won’t find yourself settling for less than what you deserve. I know plenty of people who just “settle” for someone because they don’t want to be by themselves. You should establish the mentality that anyone that doesn’t want you or doesn’t have you is their loss – you’re an awesome person and being alone is probably what you need! I mean you can use this time to find yourself, which is the next topic.

5. Use This Alone Time to be Alone!

Frequently, relationships are abused by not using this golden opportunity to spend time with a special someone, but only to use them as an exit from their reality or problems. Why put all of your energy into them and not you, use your time wisely and work on yourself. Don’t look for someone to “complete you” or “make you whole again”, because if you need someone to complete you, then you were never whole to start with.

Closing Words

In short, just focus on the fact that you’re single and it’s nothing to be ashamed about, plus, eventually you’ll find that person or they’ll find you. After all, you’re such a catch. As a side note, don’t chase after someone else, after you’ve tried once that means it’s not meant to be, if they wanted to pursue a relationship, you wouldn’t have to try and try to get their attention. Stay single this holiday and maybe you’ll enjoy it by yourself or with a friend.

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