Death of Vine

Written by Jessica Stuckey

On January 17, 2017, the infamous social media app Vine shut down. The six-second loop video sharing app had been announcing it demise for a while after being owned for 4 years by Twitter. In 2013, Vine was sold to Twitter for $30 million.
Now, the app is being shut down due to competition. Instagram introduced Instagram video and ended up causing Vine to slow down. It wasn’t moving fast enough and Twitter described the app as dead weight.
Many people had become famous on Vine and now with the bad news, they have to find a way to keep their career going on other forms of social media.People like Thomas Sanders, Lele Pons, and The Gabbie Show slowly made the transition from Vine to Youtube, promoting their channels in their final vines.
The app has now been made into Vine Camera, where people can still make 6-second loops and save them, but they just don’t have an app for sharing them. The popular viners are still going strong on other forms of social media, but everyone is still sad about the loss of our beloved Vine

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