Why do we celebrate Valentine’s day with chocolate?


Written by Jackson Carlstrom

Valentine’s day is a very important day for the economy. Thousands of dollars are spent on cards, gifts, and candy. Chocolate is a really popular treat linked with Valentine’s day. But how did the candy become associated with the holiday?

Valentine’s day is said to have started due to early Christian martyrs named Valentine. However, the popularity of the holiday didn’t take off until much later.

Famous poet Geoffrey Chaucer wrote the poem “Parlement of Foules” in 1382. In his poem, Chaucer talks about how “every bird cometh to choose his mate” on “seynt Voantynes day”(Chaucer). Although the form of writing Chaucer used is hard to understand in the 21st century, it basically connects love to valentine’s day.

Now that love and Valentine’s day were connected, it had become an official holiday. However, it wasn’t a commercial holiday until 1837, when Queen Victoria became Queen in England. Technology began to advance, and soon, Valentine’s day became a commercial success in the economy.

A man named Richard Cadbury, whose family manufactured chocolate, decided to take advantage of the holiday’s commercial success. Chocolate, at the time, was mainly used as a drink. However, Cadbury decided that in order to sell the chocolates, he’d make them edible, and put them in valentine’s boxes, complete with little cupids and rosebuds.

Cadbury’s idea of Valentine chocolates began to spread all over the world. Because of these events, we celebrate Valentine’s day with chocolate.

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