Teacher of the Month

Mr. Seth Walker was chosen as teacher of the month. He teaches Construction and Freshmen Focus. He also sponsors the club Skills USA. In high school, Mr. Walker struggled with academic classes but really enjoyed the “vocational” hands on classes. Mr. Walker wanted to become a teacher to reach out to the students who struggle academically like himself. He hopes that his understanding of how those students must feel will help encourage him to never give up. Mr. Walker served in the United States Navy for four years straight after High School. This is Mr.Walker’s third year of teaching. He had worked in construction and other fields until he was forty years old. Another reason, he wanted to become a teacher is he felt as if he was missing the feeling of pride in his career which he had while serving in the Navy.


Mr. Walker’s one thing he has learned from teaching is to never judge a student by their past academic or discipline record. He tries to connect with each and every student and not prejudge them. Mr. Walker’s favorite project is when the students design and build their own projects. The excitement as the project comes to near completion makes everything worth it for him.


With being recognized as teacher of the month, Mr. Walker received a gift basket donated from Aspire. The gift basket contained a Target gift card, a gift card for the movie theater, and a coupon for a nail salon. Mr. Walker gave the nail salon coupon to his wife because the coupon is to her favorite place. Mr. Walker was very surprised and humbled to chosen by his fellow teachers for Teacher of the Month.
Mr. Walker will often catch himself whistling a happy tune when he arrives to school each day. Mr. Walker had been out in the “Real Working World” for over twenty years but never had looked forward to each day as he does now.

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