Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre

By Olivia Apperson

The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre was the height of a gang war between Al Capone and Bugs Moran.  

  Four men impersonating police officers entered Bugs Moran’s base on February 14th, 1929 and lined seven of his men against a wall and shot them to death. Moran ran the North Side gang and Al Capone ran the South Side gang and both sides were fighting over turf. The two had been fighting for territory for a long time both surviving several attempted murders by each other. When a $50,000 bounty came up for Al Capone, he had had enough and demanded that Moran’s gang be killed.

   On Valentine’s day, an order of bootleg whiskey was to be delivered at Moran’s establishment but Moran was late and got there in time to see police officers entering inside his place. Moran stayed behind thinking that his men were being arrested, little did he know that the “officers” were hitmen in disguise and 7 of his best men were being murdered inside.

   The massacre was the last fight between Al Capone and and Bugs Moran. Al Capone was arrested in 1931, released in 1939, treated on until 1940, and died of cardiac arrest in 1947.

    Bugs Moran was sent to jail in 1946 and died of lung cancer in 1957.

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