Frequent Weather Conditions

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Recently, there have been very bad weather in Albany, GA. Do you ever wonder why the tornado even happened? During those specific days; January 9 & 22, 2017 the day had been gloomy and windy and a very few sprinkles of rain! Which is a combination of substances that will form a tornado and destroy such an amazing city or town.

The intensity of the spinning tornado is partly the result of the updrafts and downdrafts in the thunderstorm which is caused by unstable air and it was interacting with the wind shear, resulting in a tilting of the wind shear to form a tornado of destruction.
What that being said, the devastating tornado of 150 mph winds came through Albany, Georgia and left it in destruct. Many families have been affected and some have died. Numerous of people are in need of help and surrounding counties are speaking and reaching out to help the people in need!

Tornado Warning!

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