Top 5 Things a Guy Should Get a Girl For Valentine’s Day

Written by Chloe Brown

As you already know, Valentine’s Day is coming up and everyone is getting anxious, especially girls. For some reason, guys tend to stress over what to get their girl for V-Day. Stress no more! Here are the 5 top things to get your girl for Valentine’s Day!

  1. A big, soft teddy bear with an Ulta gift card (it doesn’t have to be Ulta, any gift card would work). This sounds really cheesy but it is a known fact that any girl would love to have a huge teddy bear.670da6024b700b3199b1b7fb2163ad5f
  2. A nice t-shirt with some candy. When it says a nice t-shirt, it means like a Southern Shirt Company or Lauren James shirt. They are good quality and super cute. bbe7bc1444349054175fe507e2f92b98
  3. A nice bracelet or necklace. This way, when they looked down at it, they would think of you.heart-necklace-and-silver-love-necklace-1452552521
  4. Plan a fun date where you both go through the relationship. For example, the first place would be where you first met, etc. fun-date-ideas
  5. Have a movie marathon. If you came over with some candy and popcorn and you had a movie marathon, I’m positive that any girl would be okay with that. Plus, it’s not that 

These are some things that you can get your girl for Valentine’s Day and I’m sure that she would love! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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