Storm Relief

On January 2, the new year was completely ruined as the huge tornado tore through Albany throughout the night. People cowered in their bathrooms all night.

When morning came, the families were able to see the damage done to their houses. While some houses were left untouched or may have had only a few limbs fallen, others had whole trees cutting through the middle of their houses and fallen power lines in their yard.

However, through the darkness, a light shone as strangers lined up almost immediately to help those in need. Even people who were damaged in the tornado themselves worked around neighborhoods helping where they could.

Church groups came to help from everywhere – Cordele, Camilla, and even Alabama. They brought groups of kids and men with chainsaws that jumped right in to help wherever they could.

Linemen immediately started working to fix the downed power lines and restore power to those without it. As a thank you for all of their hard work, on January 12, people lined up at the entrance of the linemen’s headquarters and cheered them as they went out to work. Members from our own Lee County High School band attended the parade.

Then, just as things were looking up, yet another unforgiving tornado hit the city. The EF3 tornado caused much more damage than the first storm and tore through Albany once again on January 22.

Homes were torn apart and over 20 people were reported dead across the southeast with many more missing. Churches are taking people in, the civics center is providing free goods and services, and good-hearted strangers are reaching out to do all they can across the south..

Relief efforts for the tornado are still in effect as everyone is trying their best to recover from such a hard experience.


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