Registration for Next Year


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Registration for next year has begun! Several students are bomb rushing to figure out which classes best fits them! There are several classes out there that should fit each student specific career category. The most popular classes taken is spanish, marketing, team sports, early childhood, study hall and much more. Make sure you do your research on your classes that you are thinking about taking for the upcoming year.
The reason behind that is because once you are in that specific class and you end up not enjoying the content that you are getting from the class then it is to late to change your mind.
If you are wondering what any of the above popular electives are above then look below:
Marketing is a fundamental understanding of the marketing concept and basic marketing skills are essential not only to students entering the field of marketing but for everyone entering the workforce. Marketing education courses provide students with knowledge and skills that are highly transferable and will last a lifetime.
Team Sports is just a regular physical education class where you learn how to play certain sports
Early Childhood is preparing High School students to become competent in child care rules and regulations, learning environments, principles of child development, trends and issues in early childhood education and classroom management techniques.
Study Hall is for the students who take multiple Honor and AP classes in highschool and gives the students more time managing to get any of work that needs to be done completed and more advanced study time.Those are descriptions of the most popular classes given and may give you an idea that you may like for the upcoming school year.

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