January Student Of The Month.

This Month we recognized some amazing students.  They all deserved to be recognized, each one of them are hard working students.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThis is Christian Taylor.  He was recognized by Mrs. Hyslop.  She said, “Christian has worked very hard to improve himself academically. He always comes to class with a smile that is contagious for those around him. I am very proud of what Christian has accomplished so far and I look forward to seeing what he does in the future. ”GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThis is Nakhia Floyd who was recognized by Coach Allen.  He said, “Nakhia doesn’t mind doing whatever is asked of her. She doesn’t mind helping others when it’s needed. She strives to be the best in her academics and is a respectable young lady.”GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThis is Blake Fletcher.  Blake was recognized by Mrs. Emerson.  Mrs. Emerson said, “Blake is doing a great job in making progress toward his goals.  He is a great classroom helper and has a positive attitude.”GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThis is Shriya Nagulavancha, She was recognized by Coach Lawson.  He said, “Shriya works hard,  is very attentive, and  always punctual. She helps others and is extremely polite to her peers and teachers.”GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThis is Wing Green.  Wing was recognized by Mrs. Lane.  She said, “Wing is always prepared for class, has a positive attitude, and is enthusiastic about learning.”GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThis is Marco Bell who was recognized by Mrs. Cheeks.  She said, “Marco is an incredible all-around student. He is an excellent student and leader on a daily basis.  He strives in all areas and always has a constructive goal in mind.”GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThis is Javorious Clay who was recognized by Mrs. Moye.  She said, “Javorious is a respectable student who has improved greatly with self- advocacy skills as well as work performance in his academic classes. His unique personality shines through his frustrations allowing him to accomplish his goals with optimistic behaviors and resilience.”GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERALast but not least is Victoria Roberts who was recognized by Mrs. Perkins.  Mrs.Perkins said,“Vicki’s strength of character and desire to learn are evident every day. She never comes to class without a huge smile on her face. She is helpful to both her classmates and the teacher. Vicki is definitely a joy to teach and makes my job easier. She is simply a little ray of sunshine in each and every day. ”

Congratulations to the the Lee County High School 9th grade campus January Student of the months.

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