Why Are Women Protesting For Women’s Rights? (Opposing)

Written by: Shelby Nix


Ever since President Donald Trump has become president, there has been protesting for women’s rights. Women’s rights are rights that promote a position of legal and social equality of women with men. For example, voting rights is a big protesting topic. Women have gathered in places like Washington to protest.

It does not make sense for them to protest when Donald Trump has not even taken away women’s rights since he has been in office. The risen media attention is what’s causing women to protest. Some of the ladies probably do not even know what they are fighting for. They can not change who is in office as president, so women might as well stop with the protesting.

Many of the women are petitioning with the saying “Women’s rights are human rights”. I agree with that statement, but abortion is taking away child’s rights too. In conclusion, we know that women’s rights are important, but why fight for something that is still there.


Photo Credits: http://www.returnofkings.com/28890/the-myth-of-female-agency  http://www.gwi-boell.de/en/2015/06/26/moving-elephant-working-womens-rights-lebanon

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