Storms in South Georgia

By Jackson Carlstrom,

A little more than a week ago, South Georgia was hit hard by a huge storm. This wasn’t the first time it was hit either. The damage from the first one was bad enough, but when you add the damage to the second one, it is really terrible.

I happened to not be in town for the storm. I was in Athens at UGA for janfest (a band event). I knew about the storm though. It was all over the news. They were playing storm footage on the TV in the hotel lobby when we ate breakfast. It looked terrible.

When I got back home from the event, we had to drive through some storm areas. This was after the storm had ended. I got to see what the storm did. Branches were everywhere, ditches were flooded, and huge patches of dirt lay where trees once grew. It was awful.

Overall, I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have actually been in the storm. Luckily, the neighborhood I live in managed to remain undamaged, but it still would have been terrible. It is going to take a while, but we will heal from the storm.

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