Martin Luther King Jr

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Martin Luther King was a minister and civil rights activist, who was a leader of the civil rights movement . Martin was born January 15, 1929 and was assassinated April 4, 1968. Martin was against violent ways of making himself heard when wanting to address an issue. His actions were based off of his christian beliefs. Martin had a wife named, Coretta Scott King and together they had 4 children and wanted the best for them and for all races to be treated with respect and have equality. He was always a strong man and made himself heard when he needed, even if it made him go to jail which he did plenty of times.

Martin’s most famous speech was called, “I Have Dream”. It was the most inspiring speeches ever. We the people still have a long ways to go when it comes to equality, but we are getting there slowly as the years pass. Martin knew he had a huge role because of the things happening during past times.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s fresh and skillful rhetoric put a new energy into the civil rights struggle in Alabama. The bus boycott would be 382 days of walking to work, harassment, violence and intimidation for the Montgomery’s African-American community. Both King’s and E.D. Nixon’s homes were attacked. But the African-American community also took legal action against the city, arguing that it was, “Unconstitutional based on the Supreme Court’s “separate is never equal” decision in Brown v. Board of Education.” After being defeated in several lower court rulings and suffering large financial losses, the city of Montgomery lifted the law mandating segregated public transportation.

Martin was the driving force behind these watershed events such as the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the March in Washington. These events led to the Civil Rights Act in 1964 and the Voting Rights of 1965.Also, Martin was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 and is remembered each year on Martin Luther King King Jr. day, a U.S. holiday since 1986.

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