PBIS Celebration 1/13

Written by Emily Meneses

January 13th was quite an awesome day for most of the 9th Grade Campus’ students. In a window of about 45 minutes, all of the freshman whom have not received an office referral for the 2nd 9-weeks were allowed to socialize with their friends outside and take some time off of schoolwork.

The program that rewards these students is known as PBIS, or Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports. This program is based upon the concept of rewarding students for their good behavior.

A couple of teachers, Mrs. King and Mrs. Hyslop and adminstration, come together every month to figure out new incentives for students to do what they are supposed to do, otherwise known as demonstrating PRIDE (preparation, respect, integreity, dependability, and excellence).

When these students become examples of PRIDE, and do what they are supposed to, they are rewarded at the end of the nine weeks. This nine weeks was socialization time outside.

In the time students had outside, they purchased concessions, played baseball/football with others, and even demonstrated their musical talent with guitars.

Several groups of students were quite excited to converse with others, as well as to indulge in the concessions provided as a reward for exemplary behavior.

To most, the experience was a breath of fresh air, for it alleviated them from their constantly stressful environment of schoolwork.

All in all, the celebration proved to be a success , for the freshman class was buzzing around, happy to finally take some time and relax.

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