Stressed Out

Hannah Elliott

*twenty one pilots playing in the background*

Semester exams. During this lovely time before Christmas break, every student (especially honors kids) is using all of their free time cramming in useless information that they never learned in the first place. 

These exams make up for 20% of our final averages, so there is no room to screw things up. 

Backpacks become heavier, binders become messier, and dark circles become even darker. There is no such thing as sleep during these exams, you’ll be pulling all nighters until the last half day of the semester. If by chance you do fall asleep, your dreams will be filled with mitosis/meiosis phases and horrid lit vocabulary.

Although I am the worst at studying, I can do my best to give tips…

1. Turn off your phone. I know, maybe I should follow my own advice, but I’m doing just fine okay.


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