Top Ten Ugliest Christmas Sweaters

Written by Chloe Brown

Every year, new ideas come to surface for unique Christmas sweaters. Some of them are funny, some of them are weird, and some are just disturbing. Here’s a list of the top 10 Christmas sweaters!

  • This one is not ugly, but it is funny! If you don’t get it, it is related to the Home Alone movie. womens-filthy-animal-christmas-sweater-300x361
  • Like I said, some are just weird.
  • squirrely-christmas-lights-ugly-christmas-sweaterI kind of like this one. It’s unique and it reminds me of somebody I know. women_s_sloth_christmas_sweater_11
  • To be honest, this one is kind of cool. That is something I would have never thought of. ugly-christmas-sweater-today-tease-160211_2ad62c119cfcefb6535fad0ad0bc0530
  • Okay so when I was trying to find ugly Christmas sweaters, there was probably fifty that were just Ninja Turtles. I still don’t know why all of the sweaters were Ninja Turtles. faces-ninja-turtle-faux-christmas-sweater-col
  • I would not count this as a “sweater” per say but it was sort of adorable. ugly_christmas_sweater-rf87262ee6b624ac995d4f25b02cb37dd_j1hfj_324
  • This sweater is obviously a DIY but it is original. diy-ugly-christmas-sweater-ideas-7
  • This is weird. I really do not know what think about it. 908334807727
  • I honestly feel like someone’s grandma would wear this.sweater1
  • This one is just ugly. But it’s sort of an ugly cute. 9e7a1516-d27e-4ca4-b0f5-30a5a2b16bc4

These sweaters are all kinds of different, ugly, cute, and weird. But that’s what happens when Christmas comes around!

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