Feed The Review: Revolution Radio

Written by: Hannah Elliott and Kayla Earley

All hail the punk rock kings. After about 4 years of not releasing any new music, 90’s favorite grunge band has released a new album for the new generation of emos. Green Day’s new album, Revolution Radio, has topped the charts. The lead singles, “Bang Bang”, “Revolution Radio”, and “Still Breathing” all did extremely well after being released.

Billie Joe Armstrong, lead vocalist, wrote the album “about the chaotic state of America in 2016.” Armstrong witnessed a protest, inspiring him to write the new music. Most people won’t realize it from the beginning, but “Bang Bang” is written from the perspective of a mass shooter. Depressing, I know.

Overall, we think the album is absolute perfection. My (Hannah) favorite song off the album would probably be “Still Breathing”, while “Bouncing Off the Wall” is really good too. My (Kayla) favorite song would probably be “Bouncing Off the Wall.” The different sounds throughout the album go nicely together, making the album fun to listen to. We recommend the album to anyone who enjoys punk/rock music

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