10 Worst Gifts For Teens!

There are always those top 10 gifts each year that no teen wants to get for Christmas.  It can be from anyone but they still won’t want it.  The top 10 things this year in 2016 are…..

  1. Ugly Christmas Sweater.  No one wants an ugly Christmas sweater on Christmas day as a gift.  There is really no point in getting a Christmas sweater on Christmas because it would look weird if you wear it after Christmas.
  2. Pencils.  No kid wants to wake up to open a pack of pencils on Christmas.  Waking up and opening a pack of pencils is like not getting a gift at all.
  3. Glowing toilet seat.  Although it seems cool it’s really not.  No teen wants a glowing toilet seat as one of their gifts for Christmas.  
  4. Door mat.  Teens definitely don’t want a door mat.  When a teen gets a doormat for Christmas it is basically ;like the parents bought it for themselves but gave it to the child as a “gift”.
  5. Hand lotion.  No one wants just a bottle of hand lotion.  Instead of hand lotion they should get like a whole kit from bath and body works or something.
  6. Belly Button brush.  Now that is just disgusting.  No one and i mean NO ONE wants a belly button brush for Christmas.  They would rather get a normal brush.
  7. Butter Warmer.  No teen will ever need a butter warmer so that is just a lame gift.
  8. Tissues.  You can buy tissues on any normal day so why get them as a gift for Christmas.
  9. Toothbrush.  Why would any teen want a toothbrush for Christmas, now that’s just common sense.
  10. Headphone earmuffs.  After winter no one will need earmuffs and we all know teens these days will lose them before next winter so that is just a terrible gift all together.

Information source: http://www.brainjet.com/random/6761/15-worst-christmas-gifts-ever#page=1

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