Flavors Of Christmas

By Madeline Conger 

Some people hear Christmas and the first thing they think of is presents, lights, and decorated things.  Hearing Christmas I think of those things but first I think food. I decided I would find various Christmas and Christmas related flavored foods.

    The first thing I tried was Hot Chocolate and Marshmallow Doughnuts. Who goes through Christmas without having a cup of hot coca? When I opened the bag I could immediately smell that well known hot cocoa smell. I took a bite of the small doughnut and tasted chocolate but not hot chocolate. And there definitely was no hint of marshmallow.  My score out of Christmas flavor was a 3 because it just didn’t taste like Hot Coco.

    It is not a Christmas without Christmas cookies, and who better to try that delicious flavor than Peeps. They came in a package of three and had tiny silver and gold colored sugar sprinkles. The iconic Peeps did taste mostly of sugar (like many other peeps, flavored or not) but they did have an actual sugar cookie smell. The pastel yellow Peeps also were dipped in a smooth white chocolate around the bottom. My Christmas score for the sugar cookie Peeps was a solid 4.

    The next thing to try on my Christmas food list was candy cane pop rocks. The little candy rocks were red and white colored and smelled like candy cane. However taste was a whole different story. The Pop Rocks actually tasted like cherry… Like NO candy cane flavor at all. I was sadly disappointed to have cherry pop rocks and not candy cane pop rocks. Due to my disappointment, the Pop Rocks only received a 1 in my Christmas flavor score.

    The Minty Ho Hos were up next. The chocolate cake rolls were filled with a mint colored and flavored frosting. The cake had was very moist and had a strong but delicious chocolate taste. The Mint Ho Hos were also covered in a smooth milk chocolate shell. My Christmas flavor score for the Minty Ho Hos is a 6 because the cake was good but the filling could of been a little bit more minty.  

    Hershey has two versions of peppermint chocolate.  The first is the peppermint Hershey kisses and the second is the Hershey Candy cane bar. The peppermint kisses were white with red candy bits and peppermint stripes on top. The majority of the kids was white chocolate and the stripes were the only peppermint part of the candy. The candy bits were only only those tiny red round sprinkles but they gave the kiss a little crunch from the soft white chocolate. The kisses had a pretty good peppermint flavor so I gave it a score of 7. The Hershey candy cane bar was only similar to the kisses in few ways. The bar was white chocolate with red candy bits like the kisses, but the bar had no peppermint flavor. At all. It was just white chocolate with red sprinkles in it. It looked like a candy cane but did not taste like a candy cane. Due to the lack candy cane flavor, I am only awarding the candy cane bar with a 6 score.

    One of my favorites of all the foods I tried, was the Hot Cocoa cotton candy. Yes… Hot Cocoa Cotton candy. The color of the candy made it appear gross because it was a weird light brown color, but it was actually really good. I was almost tempted to finish the whole tub. The cotton candy had a great hot chocolate flavor that was sweet and bitter sweet at the same time. I scored the Hot chocolate cotton candy a 8.

    The Oreo company has invented several varieties and variations of their Oreo cookies and of course there is a limited edition peppermint Oreo. The cookie was the same delicious chocolate cookie. The filling however was different in many ways. The filling was a vibrant pink/red color and was very peppermint. The peppermint was not too strong and not to faint, it was just right. If you like peppermint and you like Oreo this Christmas snack is just right for you. My Christmas flavor score was a 10. 

   Last but certainly not least I tried the Dove dark chocolate peppermint bark. The small round candies were individually wrapped in a shiny silver wrapper. The inside of the wrapper has a small, short, message on the inside for each and every candy. The candy itself had a dark chocolate bottom layer and a white chocolate top layer. The white chocolate layer was filled with real pieces of peppermint. The Dove chocolates were also in my top picks for Christmas Flavors so I scored it as a 10.

   Since I could not choose one favorite between the two, my top two favorite Christmas flavored foods were the Dove Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark as the Peppermint Oreos.


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