Cute, Cheap Christmas Presents

We all want to show our friends and family how much we love them but we aren’t all millionaires. Here are a few cute, cheap Christmas present ideas that are sure to show your love and appreciation.

  1. Fuzzy Socks- Any girl loves cute fuzzy socks to keep their feet warm during the winter.
  2. Photo Collage- To reminisce on all of the memories you and your friends and family have had, create a photo collage with pictures from fun times.
  3. Bath Bomb- A bath bomb is a great gift that any teenage girl would enjoy using.
  4. Bath and Body Works- Something inexpensive that is sure to be put to great use is any Bath and Body Works products. You can even get festive and purchase the holiday scented products.
  5. Gift Card- Last, but definitely not least, is a simple gift card. Just a five to ten dollar gift card to Starbucks is enough to get you a drink or two.

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