New President

As we all know, last November was a big month. Every four years, an election is held in November and determines who will become the new president of the U.S. This November was an election month. The election season was a long and controversial one, but in the end, republican nominee Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the U.S.

President-elect Trump is very unique in the fact that, unlike every president before him, he has no history in politics. He found success as a businessman, specializing in real estate, while also stretching out into other areas, such as hotels, golf courses, and casinos.

He has done many successful things in the past, such as helping to keep the now iconic Grand Hyatt Hotel in business, renovating 40 Wall Street in New York, and building the iconic Trump Tower skyscraper in New York. However, he has also had some failures, such as Trump Airlines, which didn’t make much profit, Trump University, which suffered due to lawsuits, and Trump Mortgage, which failed after information was released that the top executive of the business had only 6 days of experience on Wall Street.

Overall, as with all elections, the country has mixed feelings. Some are excited to have someone with a new background instead of a political one in office. However, some think he is not fit to be president. No matter what may happen, we all wish the new presidential-elect good luck as he takes office.

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