Fun Things To Do in the Winter

Written by: Shelby Nix

The winter time is full of different possibilities to have a good time. Of course, winter is not winter without cold weather and snow, so first go to a place where snow can be found. Some fun things to do in the winter include:

  1. Go Ice Skating – This is a fun way to laugh with your friends at one another falling. It is always good to try something new.
  2. Go Sledding – Go up to a big hill or mountain and hold on for dear life! Β 
  3. Build a Snowman – Make sure to grab a scarf, carrot, hat, and little pieces of coal. Let be displayed in your front yard.
  4. Go Skiing – This might not be the easiest choice but lessons are available.
  5. Have a snowball fight – Battle each other by rolling snow into a ball and throwing it at each other.
  6. Have a Bonfire – This is a great way to chill and get to know people better.
  7. Drink Hot Chocolate – When the weather outside is too cold, then hot cocoa is the perfect remedy.
  8. Watch a Bunch of Movies – If you are not a big fan of being outside, movies would be a good resort for you.

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