5 Cute Elf on the Shelf Ideas

It’s the beginning of December, it’s almost time for Christmas… and it’s also time for your elf on the shelf to arrive! Now that us big kids are allowed to actually touch the elf, here are five fun activities and fun ways you could hide your elf.

1. To hide your elf from your younger sibling, or to simply have fun with the elf, you could take a small rag, rap the elf in it, and stick it in the door of the fridge. This makes your elf blend into common fridge items such as ketchup or coffee creamer..burrrr, it looks like the elf is getting a little chilly, you’d think after flying to the North Pole all those times it would be used to the cold!


2. Want to make your elf a tasty snack? Set him/her up in front of a candle, give them some marshmallows, and a little stick, and there ya’ go, your little elf is roasting some marshmallows!


3. Want to make it look like your elf is taking a nap? Simply take a tissue box, take out a few to make your elf a comfy pillow, and then slip him/her halfway inside the box and then… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


4. Here is a super fun one to make it look like your elfy is fishing! This one is a little more involved, but super cute! Sit your elf on top of the toilet with with a candy cane in his/her hand to look like a fishing pole, then drop a few goldfish in the toilet. Like I said, this one takes a little more dedication, but it’s so creative!


5. For this one, all you need is either your smartphone or a camera. Take a picture of your elf, and sit the phone or camera and lay it next to him/her, and then it will look like your elf is taking selfies!


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