The Best Tree For Christmas

Written by Ayanna Newberry

There are multiple trees to choose from when it comes down to shopping for Christmas trees. Christmas trees are our passion. We always get joyous off of putting up the Christmas tree and picking the right one just for us.

A live tree is the best tree to get around Christmas. Even though you have to water them everyday the thrill of cutting it down and an idea of an actual real life tree. Live trees also has a nice scent make your house feel Christmas ready. If you get a fake tree, it wouldn’t be the same experience as if you were to get a real tree. Fake trees actually are more harm to the environment than real trees do. The plastic used to make artificial trees (fake) is actually polluting and non renewable. Now Christmas trees are starting to be recycled and used to prevent erosion. Overall, the best tree is a real tree for the holidays.

Have a merry holiday!!  – photo credits

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