Semester Exam Fever

Written by Emily Meneses

Well it’s December now, and the rush of Christmas break is being felt among students and teachers alike.

Since it also means the end of a semester, exams are coming up too.

Many teachers are already preparing their students for the semester exams, which count 20% of their overall semester average.

The schedule is as follows:

Friday 12/16:

  • 1-5th periods as normal
  • 6th period exam (1:10-2:52)

Monday 12/19:

  • 1st period exam, 3rd period exam
  • PRIDE Time (lunch)
  • 2nd period review, 4th period review

Tuesday 12/20:

  • 2nd period exam, 4th period exam
  • 5th period review, 7 period review

Wednesday 12/21:

  • 5th period exam, 7th period exam
  • 12:00 PM release

If students know they are going to be absent on one of these days, they must get with the teacher whom they are going to miss the exam for and make it up prior to 12/21.

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