FBLA FALL Leaders Conference

Written by Ayanna Newberry

The Fall Leadership Conference was a success. After a long ride, they arrived to their destination at around 9-10 p.m.. Once they got there they went and checked into their hotel rooms and got settled in . They then change into their formal wear and when everyone was changed, they headed over to the building where the conference was held. When they arrived, students and the sponsors started to present on stage and distribute out awards amongst the schools in Georgia. Lee County High got awarded with a 1st place award. Once the conference was over, they headed back to the hotel room and changed into sleeping attire. Everyone lounged and talked with each other until their curfew at 12 a.m.. The next day, they got up and got ready to head over to the building again to eat breakfast and to participate in a ticket raffle. Afterwards, Mr, Roberson sent the students in a assigned room for a couple of hours about lessons that will help the students in their life. The students had lunch in between and went back to the session. Then once the session was over the students headed back to the hotel and changed into school attire and headed over to the University of Georgia campus. After the touring and speaking at the campus, it was time for everyone to head back to their destination called Home.

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