Most Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes

Written by Jessica Stuckey

Thanksgiving is a time to get together with friends and family. But as you visit that family, you want your food to be the best it can be. Thanksgiving meals are always exciting, and here are some recipies to make the holiday even better!

Loaded Scalloped Potatoes


This one of my favorites. The cheesy goodness is always a favorite and will be just as good after the holiday. Find the recipe for this delightful side dish here.

Skillet Pumpkin Cornbread


Get leftover pumpkin from Halloween? No problem! You can use it in this dish! The cornbread can be served as a side or even a desert. You can find the recipie here.

Garlic Green Beans with Crispy Onions


Every Thanksgiving dinner has to have its vegetables. Why not make them as enjoyable as possible? Your guests will be dying to eat their greens with this dish. Find the recipie here.

Pumpkin Roll



This is another dessert using pumpkin. This treat adds a sugary twist to the whole dinner that everyone will love. You can find the recipe here.

Apple Fritters


This dessert is very simple to make and is an enjoyable finger-food for the whole family. You can find the recipe here.

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