What It Means To Be Thankful

Written by Hannah Elliott

Thankful: (adj) Expressing gratitude and relief.

As a whole, our generation has become very under-appreciative and selfish. We know longer care about anything regarding others. During the holidays, everyone becomes “thankful” over big things, but is it really what we need to be thankful for? We seem to over think what we’re thankful for, but in reality we need to take a moment to appreciate the small things around us. No one bothers to stop and look at how beautiful the sky looks when the sun rises/sets, or how amazing your best friend’s laugh is. We should be thankful for everything that comes our way, including the negative things. The bad things are proof that everyday is a new beginning and that it will all get better. I know I’ve been rambling this whole time, but the point is that we should all take a few minutes of everyday to truly take in the amazing things are around us that we all should be thankful for.

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