Homemade Thanksgiving Decorations

Written by: Madeline Conger

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is hard to decorate for. Other than putting up a sign that says ”Thanksgiving” or “Be Thankful”, it seems like there is not much else you can do. Here are a few simple ideas for how to decorate your house in the season of sharing and caring for others.


You can make this simple cute pumpkin as a centerpiece or table decoration this thanksgiving. Use mason jar lids painted orange and tied together in the center with a piece of ribbon. Add a few cinnamon sticks as the stem of the pumpkin to give the room a cinnamon scent.


These festive pilgrim hats can be used as outdoor decorations or a center piece. All you need is a small ceramic pot painted black, a rectangle piece of gold or yellow paper for the buckle, a circle piece of paper for the rim of the hat and a few fall flowers to finish this simple decoration.


These easy to make name tag decorations will look great at the dinner table on Thanksgiving. The main components of this easy craft is red, orange, brown,  and yellow paint, mini googly eyes, and a pen to personalize the name tag. 


Make the Thanksgiving table festive with this hand turkey place mat. The materials needed is red, yellow, orange, black, white, and brown paint,  a paint brush, and letter stamps.


Spread the thanks this thanksgiving with this flip flop door hanger. Easy to make, all you will need is a hot glue gun and several pairs of flipflops in a variety of brown, orange, or yellow, and a large paper printed leaf with the slogan of your choosing.

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