Backpack Blessings

Written by Jessica Stuckey

This past week, donations were collected for Backpack Blessings. These donations are used to buy food for children and families who are less fortunate than us.

Each class competed for the biggest contributor. The class who bought the most pledge cards would receive a pizza party.

After a long week, the announcement was finally made that Ms. Hinds fourth period was the winner, contributing $139 to the drive. Following her class is Ms. Lowry in second place with $59 and Mr. Ledford in third place with $46.

The pizza and cookie celebration is to take place on Thursday, November 17.

The school altogether raised $469, allowing for less fortunate.children in the Lee County area to be fed and have some gifts for Christmas.

All in all, the Backpack Blessings drive was a success, for through friendly competition, the school altogether managed to raise $469.

Mr. Ledford’s PRIDE raised $38
Ms. Lowry’s PRIDE class raised $59, coming in 2nd place
Ms. Hinds’ PRIDE class raised $139, winning a pizza/cookie party.



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