Thanksging DIY

Written by Kayla Earley

In order to have a great Thanksgiving you want to be surrounded by the people you love. Other people love the mighty feast put before them. Some people just love the decorations. Now people can have all of these by making these themselves.

For food, the fruitful turkey is a sweet treat. First start by getting everything needed. A cantaloupe or honeydew for the base, strawberries, grapes, black olives, cheese cubes, peppers, marshmallows(large and small), a pear, and kabobs to hold it all together. Next line up the grapes, marshmallows, cheese, and strawberries on the kabobs. Then, cut the peppers accordingly and put them on kabobs or sticks as well. Once that is completed, put the pear on the melon. Add pepper shaped feet to the base and put the ‘feathers’ on the back. Then, add the small marshmallows and olives to the pear to be the eyes. Lastly, put the cheese beak and pepper snood(long red thing hanging from the nose). Now you can display and serve.

Making festive decorations are also easy to make. A fun cup decorations is cute and fun for the kids. The supplies needed will be paper or plastic cups, colored paper, googly eyes, and scissors. The instructions are very simple, it is all cut and glue. Start by choosing the object being made. For a pilgrim hat, use a black cup. Afterwards, cut a round piece of black paper and glue it down. It will need to be slightly larger than the cups lid. Next, glue an inch wide piece of white paper around the cups base. Then, cut and glue a yellow piece of paper that is rectangular with a small rectangle hole within. To do a turkey use a red, brown, or orange cup. Cut a round piece of brown paper and glue it to the front. Add googly eyes, a yellow triangle as a beak, and a red snood hanging from the beak. Next, cut yellow, orange, and red paper into the shape of feathers. Then, glue them down to the top of the cup in a fanning form.

Lastly, a cute door hanger is perfect for showing the holiday spirit. The materials required are plastic orange, white, and gold spoons and forks. A round black board or piece of cardboard painted with chalkboard paint will be needed. Align the spoons and forks around the board in an order or sporadically. Then, glue the bottom of them to the back of the board. Once that has been accomplished, write a nice message on the board. It could vary from “Happy Thanksgiving” to “Feast” or “Welcome”. A new decoration is now ready to be hung on a door. 

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