Freshman Class: Mock Election 2016

Written by Emily Meneses

November 8th, 2016 is a day that will be remembered for quite a while in America’s history. It does not just end there though, for it will also be remembered here at the 9th Grade Campus.

Ms. Hinds, the campus’ Honors Civics teacher, brainstormed the mock election to provide students a feel of how voting works, as well as how the Electoral College works.

The election was set up in the way that each 1st period teacher was to give out ballots to each student and it was that student’s responsibility to place their ballot in the box of the candidate of their choice. They had until the end of their 4th period class to vote.

Mr. Walker’s Intro to Construction class made the chests used to hold each candidates ballots.

In the end, only 388 students out of 513 that attend the school exercised their right to vote.

Donald Trump won both the Popular Vote and Electoral Vote.

The results are as follows:

Popular Vote:

Donald Trump (R) – 244

Hillary Clinton (D) – 96

Gary Johnson (L) – 48

Electoral Vote:

Donald Trump (R) – 498

Hillary Clinton (D) – 40

Gary Johnson (L) – 0

Ms. HInds’ 3rd period helps count and sort out the tickets.

Picture Credits:

Mrs. Hyslop: featured image; image 2

Mr. Walker: image 1

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