September Teacher of the Month

Written by Christina Wynn

Mr. Brian Roberson has been chosen as Teacher of the Month for September. Mrs. Pat Edwards commented that Mr. Roberson is very passionate about his job and not only is a full time teacher, but is a Future Business Leaders of America sponsor, coaches baseball players at Lee County Middle School West Campus, and is the Assistant Varsity Coach for the high school Fast-Pitch Softball Team.  When interviewing Mr. Roberson, he stated that he is currently on his twelfth year of teaching and he has been at the 9th grade campus for the last three years. Before he taught in Lee County, he was teaching for Glynn County.

Mr. Roberson revealed that if he was not a teacher he would “do something in the field of marketing”. Mr. Roberson said that while growing up, he never wanted to be a teacher because his mother was a teacher for 31 years, and he saw what she had dealt with and didn’t want to have anything to do with it. Before Mr. Roberson went to get an education he spent a lot of time with youth ministry and started to love working with teenagers and “he decided he could have a positive impact on the lives of teenagers within the school”.

Mr. Roberson has done many projects throughout the years and has many more planned for the future. He has a marketing project that this students will do in March on this Superbowl Season’s Commercials. A past favorite of his is the Stock Market Game. Mr. Roberson’s favorite part of teaching is knowing that he is making a difference in the lives of all his students.

Some interesting facts that Mr. Roberson didn’t mind sharing were that his faith and beliefs are extremely important to him. He also graduated from Lowndes High School and is a big trivia junkie.

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