Drug Effects

Written by Brittlyn Jackson

Not many teens these days think about the effects of doing drugs.  It can affect not only themselves but also their family.

It can affect the family because you don’t act yourself. The parent could also think that they did something wrong.

Teens could be affected when they do drugs as well.  Their body could stop functioning properly as well as their brain.  

Now if the parents do drugs the effects are basically the same except the children are more affected. Children with parents who do drugs often never see their parents.  Their parents are normally either gone or they’re there but not there.  By that, I mean they are present but too high to comprehend anything.  

Drugs can affect many people.

My advice is… DON’T DO DRUGS!!!!!!!

One thought on “Drug Effects”

  1. Most teens will experience a parent, peer, or sibling go through the effects of drugs. Some may even be persuaded to do drugs. If you do drugs even once it could kill you and it will kill you from the inside outside if you keep doing them!


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