One Act Play Review

Written by Erin Epperson

Lights, camera, action!

You may tell actors to go “break a leg” or wish them good luck on their performance, but these actors didn’t need it. The students performed a musical written by Mel Brooks called All American and directed by Dottie Davis. Their performance was stunning and the characters made the play unique within itself.   

The story line followed a professor who just moved from Europe to America.  The professor who was adjusting to the American lifestyle when he becomes drawn to being the football coach by the team’s decision. He becomes involved in football and takes on a small romantic interest with the dean. While adjusting to his life in America he is quickly included into the team and he needs a wake up call to remind him that he is a teacher.  

The play had actors that could make you get drawn into the story.  A play wouldn’t be good if the actors just bluntly stated the words they memorized and walked off the stage with no emotion whatsoever, and luckily for the audience, these actors in the play did the exact opposite. They filled their lines with emotion and really got into the character role that they took on. With students from the LCHS 9th Grade Campus and LCHS being the actors in the play, this was a very excellent and outstanding performance.  

The play had a very good set choice. For example, they used 4 set pieces and had each side represent something different. One side was lockers, the school name, an airport background, and bleachers which also was used for classroom seats.

All in all, the play was excellent and I would have recommended it to anyone who enjoys plays. Everything was well thought out and extremely organized to keep the play running smoothly. This was a great play.  

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