Clown Sightings

Written by Emily Meneses

Just about the time Halloween is about to hit, and boom! A new fear has spread nationwide about recent clown sightings.

Many sources claim that people have had traumatizing experiences seeing these disguised clowns roaming streets, looking for their next kill.

In Fort Oglethorpe, here in Georgia, two girls have reportedly recorded the incident in which they have claimed to have seen the clown in their apartment complex.

Several pictures of clowns during the night have been posted throughout social media.

The majority of those pictures were posted on the media platform Instagram, spread over several accounts. Of those accounts, many were deleted.

Though the excitement has died down, people still seem to be pretty shocked from the surreal situation of ‘killer clowns’ running streets internationally.


“Girls Say Creepy Clown Chased Them Home”:


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