Student Government Association Representatives for the Freshman Class

Written by Georgia Miller

We have our four new SGA representatives for this class. They are Tyler Geter for our president, Jackson Scott for vice president, Georgia Miller as our Secretary and Rushabh Patel as our treasurer. These four students are now the SGA representatives that will, well, represent our freshman class.

These four students were chosen by the freshman class as a whole. Teachers did not choose, nor did their club adviser or principal. When you chose Tyler Geter, you chose him to be one of our leaders and decision makers. As Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, “Accomplishment will prove to be a journey not a destination”, and that is what we should expect and hope to get from him, a journey toward accomplishing great things.

The person that we chose to be our vice president is Jackson Scott. We all chose him because of what we believe he will do and how he will serve this class. We need to back up his decisions and have faith in what he will accomplish as our vice pres. He was after all elected by us.

 Georgia Miller and Rushabh Patel were also voted into office but four the main part of the school year they will mostly be in the background, as will the rest of our club participants. The background isn’t always a bad thing though Most times they are some of the people that make things happen and by supporting our two leaders they will be doing a lot.

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