Players Got Talent: Football Edition

Written by Chloe Brown

Everyone has a hidden talent that not everyone knows about. Recently, I talked to a group of 9th grade football players about their secret talent(s). There are five football players mentioned in this article with all types of talents. Those players are Wing Green, Brendan Harper, Jeffrey Wilson, Caleb Floyd, and Devin Fincher.      

Wing Green, an offensive lineman, is 6’6 and claims that he has no talents whatsoever. However, when you dig deeper, you find out that Wing is the best 2K player you will ever meet. Not only can he play basketball on the Xbox, he can play it in real life as well. He can also get things off of high shelves.

Brendan Harper, a defensive lineman, has a talent that you would not expect. Brendan can sing. I even got him to sing a song for me. Although I was not sure what song it was, it was really good.

Jeffrey Wilson, a quarterback, is an amazing artist. He uses great detail and exquisite colors to pull the drawings together. With the details and colors, it makes an amazing drawing.

Caleb Floyd, a linebacker, has many special talents. He can play three instruments, including a bass guitar, the piano, and drums. Caleb also plays three sports. He wrestles, plays football, and he also plays basketball.

Devin Fincher, a defensive lineman, also has some special talents. He can play the guitar, which he taught himself to play. Devin is also an MMA fighter, he gets lessons in the afternoon.

All of these players have very special talents, many of which are unknown to everyone else. It shows that you might not know everything about a person.


Devin Fincher, defensive lineman


Caleb Floyd, linebacker


Jeffrey Wilson, quarterback


Brendan Harper, defensive lineman


Wing Green, offensive lineman

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