Fall Fashion

Written by McKenzie Fretwell

It’s the season when the leaves start changing colors and every girl out there rushes to take aesthetic photos. The smell of pumpkin spice fills the air, and Halloween decorations are littered in yards across town. Fall has begun. Each year, new fashion trends emerge.

Sweaters are a cozy and cute outfit choice. You can throw them on when you’re in rush or want to be warm. Pair them with some leggings and boots and then you have the best winter outfit.

Booties are boots that are short and designed in many ways. There are some with heels and some without heels. They can come with fringes, buttons, and other accessories.

Flannels can be worn with a t-shirt or just a cute shirt. You can dress them up or down.

Scarves have been a classic accessory for a long time. There are many different colors and patterns.

Over the knee boots are worn when you want to dress to impress. They are fashionable and keep you warm.

Don’t let the chilly weather get in the way of your style this fall.

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