4th Street Trunk or Treat

Written by Madeline Conger

On Wednesday October 26th, Churches Leesburg United Methodist Church and First Baptist Church of Leesburg hosted the annual 4th Street Trunk or Treat. Open to the public, the event welcomes children of all ages to dress up in their Halloween costumes and play games and receive candy.


The churches are located on opposite sides of 4th Street, Leesburg. They closed off the street from 5:00 to 9:00 to host the annual event. Families from across Lee County and the city of Albany came to join the fun games and trick or treat from the trunks of cars. More than thirty cars’ trunks were decorated with funny Halloween slogans and Halloween decorations. Some were even decorated with accessories resembling children movies. Also like previous years, there was a live band composed of member from both churches.

Parents had to register their children in order to participate in the event. However, registration is free. The registration included a card allowing the participants to take part in a variety of activities.

While the First Baptist parking lot bordering 4th Street was full of
decorated cars, the parking lot of Leesburg UMC was packed full of games and activities for children to play. There was a total of fifteen games available to play. Some of the games were pumpkin sweep, face-paint, sack race, spray away, balloon darts, ghost bowling, beanbag toss, and bible fishing. img_5113At each
activity youth volunteers from both churches would hole-punch the participant’s’ card and then reward them with a few pieces of candy after completing or trying to complete the game. Other activities include a coloring station, ring toss, inflatable obstacle course,
and a cake walk. Each person with a game card was limited to one game of cake walk during the event img_5112but could play any game of their choosing, and up to twenty of them.


For the first time at the 4th Street Trunk or Treat, there was also a Transformation trail. The Transformation Trail was an opportunity for children as well as adults to learn about the resurrection of Christ and the major events in his life.

Overall the event allowed children to have fun playing games, listening to great music, learning about Christ and of course getting baskets and bag fulls of candy.

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