October STOM

Written by Jessica Stuckey

The following students are the 9th grade students of the month. These students showed outstanding behavior and showed Trojan PRIDE. The teachers identified each student:

Ms. Chittick is recognizing Mirrakus Peterman  because “Mirakkus shows a great work ethic when working in the classroom and when  learning in the community. He is always very positive and polite when working with other students and teachers. Mirakkus is a leader and a great role model for other students in the classrooms.”

Mr. Trivette is recognizing Riya Soni because “Riya is one of the hardest working students I have ever had the privilege  to teach.  She always has a good attitude and strives for perfection.”

Mrs. Hyslop is recognizing Brittany Benner because “Brittany is a hard-worker who strives to do her best. She is a leader in the classroom because she is always willing to help her classmates. Her positive attitude is contagious.”

Mrs. Lane is recognizing Hannah Lambert because “she consistently completes her work and exceeds expectations.”

Mrs. Melcher is recognizing Haley Brook because “Haley is dependable and helpful at all times.  She shows compassion for others around her, and is quick to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs her assistance.”

Mr. Carter is recognizing Victoria Crickmar because “Victoria is a hard worker with a great attitude. She is not afraid to push herself.”

Mrs. Cheeks is recognizing Kaitlyn Evans because “Kaitlyn is very deserving of this honor. She is very serious about her education. She pays attention in class, asks questions, completes her assignments on time, and always strives to do her best. Kaitlyn is also very considerate of her peers and treats everyone with respect.  She is a kind and generous young lady and a wonderful role model for others.”

These students have worked hard to earn this recognition for the month of October. We are proud of all our students of the month!

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