The Creativity of Jack-O-Laterns

Written by Ayanna Newberry

People sometimes wonder what they could carve into for fun and creativity. Well here’s the best option for you; pumpkin carvings. Pumpkin carvings are great for Halloween for fun and to get a little messy too. There are all different kinds of faces that you can create.

Pumpkin carvings can be used for many things after yiu are done creating them. For example, you can put candles in them and sit them outside of your house for decorations. The pumpkins can also be made creepy and scary ,which is perfect for the holiday and best fit for the fall as well. You can also paint them a different color to match the rest of your designed decorations that you have already. When wondering what fun activity you can do during fall or Halloween, go pick up a pumpkin and have at it, I assure you it will be loads of fun!



Scary Pumpkin Carving  

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